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pwext, pwext, pwext... [Mar. 2nd, 2009|10:46 pm]
Yesterday I gave a grocer a 20 for 8 euro worth of goods, and he gave me 42 euro in change. I pointed out the error to him. Today, he wanted to give me something extra for being a good person. I declined, because, to be honest, I had already received the reward. I like impressing people, much more than an extra bottle of soda or a free box of Ben and Jerry's. If he's impressed enough to say, "Listen, you gotta let me pay you back," then that's enough for me. I don't know whether that's enough for him.

Five commitments: Love, Honesty, Charity, Bravado, Humility. I never forget.


I promised myself that my password-derivation-applet, pwext, would be done by the end of January. It's really a fantastic and beautiful bit of code in its present form, I feel. It was, indeed, mostly done at the end of January. I still haven't created the "bookmarklet factory" that would generate a custom pwext bookmarklet based on user input, though.

However, at the end of January, it was clear to me that drostie.org needed a content management system of some form, since I've got dozens upon dozens of little files that I want to go up there. So I decided to work on that. My tentative deadline on that was "the end of February."

This deadline has passed and the framework has only moved partly forward; it's still not deployment-ready. So I've failed to make that deadline. I spent so much time bringing my laptop up to speed that it seems like the beginning of the month was spent on choosing an overall approach (I chose Python + Django, because I'd like to learn more Python and Django had several features I wanted) -- and only at the end of the month did I actually get a database model put together (and I still don't know to what extent I can add or subtract from it later). A large amount of the style and layout of drostie.org was was written about a year ago and is more or less still the system that I want today. The middle of the month feels like something's gone missing.

I want pwext out -- the complete package finished, with Django running on the server, and the bookmarklet-maker ready and working -- by the end of March. However, my laptop has just started acting up *again* (kubuntu no longer recognizes that it has a wireless connection). We'll see how well I do. I'm not exactly enthusiastic, since I've just missed a deadline and now I'm speculating on a new one. But I'm working on it.

My cash supply dwindles ever-lower. I want to get a CMS deployed so that I can show a potential employer, "*THIS* is what I do. Beautiful code, solving the real problems that I see around me, etc." But I also want people to use my inventions. That seems to require marketing, etc. -- I don't know.

Real artists ship, and I'm tired of not shipping.